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  • Over 23 Years Driver Training in Ayrshire!
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Grade A Instructor1 Over 24 Years Driver Training in Ayrshire!2 High Pass Rate3 4

Lesson Plan

I follow a structured lesson plan when teaching people to drive according to the Offically Recommended Syllabus by the Driving Standards Agency. This includes the subjects listed below:

  • safety checks on entering the car
  • car controls; foot controls, hand controls, and things you look at (speedometer, mirrors, blind spot etc..)
  • using the MSM (mirror, signal, manoeuvre) routine
  • moving off from the side of the road, changing up through the gears, and parking at the side of the road
  • Junctions; Turning Left, Turning Right, Emerging Left, Emerging Right,
  • dealing with crossroads
  • emergency stop
  • reverse parking, behind a parked car within 2 car lengths of the vehicle
  • driving into a parking bay and reversing out again
  • reversing into a parking bay and driving out again
  • dealing with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings
  • meeting / crossing / overtaking traffic and clearance to stationary (and moving) objects
  • roundabouts, including double roundabouts
  • also including the new Whitletts multilane roundabout
  • driving at higher speeds; 60mph and 70mph roads
  • maintaining progress avoiding undue hesitancy
  • awareness and planning / use of speed
  • driving at night
  • driving in various weather conditions
  • Using a sat nav

Become a Safe Driver!

The above list is not always taught in the order it is set out above, it depends on whether you have previous experience or just beginning, it also depends on where you stay (I might teach higher speed driving sooner than normal if you stay outside town and have to drive in, for example) but I always make sure whatever your experience, that you know everything you need to not only pass your test, but become a safe, competent driver!

Your 1st lesson... On your first lesson, if you've no previous experience of driving, I'll drive you somewhere quiet, (Seafield, or similar) I'll then show you the safety checks on entering the car, then I'll go over the controls, eventually enabling you to drive off along the road! If you have had previous driving experience, I'll make an assessment, (usually about 10 to 15 mins) and then we'll start work getting you up to test standard asap!


Renault Clio 1.5 dci

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Learning Material
I teach the theory side of things along with the practical lessons, but there are plenty of Books and CD/DVD roms to help you study and prepare for the theory and practical test also. You will find all this information in the Theory Test page above or by clicking here!

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