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Grade A Instructor1 Over 25 Years Driver Training in Ayrshire!2 High Pass Rate3 4

About Me… (and you!)

My name is Martin Gallagher and I've been in business working as a DVSA Grade A 49/51 Driving Instructor in the Ayr/Ayrshire area on the west coast of Scotland for over 25 years now, I have an excellent pass rate (including 9 clean sheets so far, very rare!).

I always try to get people through their driving test first time as I find not only are they more likely to talk about it to friends / relatives / workmates etc.... (word of mouth is important in this business) but I also get a buzz out of it as well! I always teach to a very high standard, so that not only does the prospective candidate pass their test first time, but also has learned a life skill that will hopefully keep them safe on today's ever increasingly congested roads.

Martin Gallagher


A big concern with people learning to drive at first is that they will be too nervous and make mistakes, and that they will look foolish, this is understandable of course, and I always try to put people at ease, reassuring them that learning to drive takes time and patience, everybody learns at a different pace, some quick, some slow, I always adapt to the learner, and let them know that I will never expect them to drive to a standard that they are not ready for, or to drive anywhere that is too busy or complex for them to cope with until they are confident enough.

Above all, expect to make mistakes! you will have heard the saying "you learn from your mistakes"... it is very true in learning to drive, so stalling, jumpy clutches, steering faults, etc... are very common at first for some people, as long as you know what caused the problem, and how to fix it, then something has been learned!

I have varied interests and hobbies; music, sport, motorcycling, computers, etc..so there is usually something to talk about as we go..


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Have fun learning!
Although learning to drive has a serious side (obviously!) I also like to try and keep the lessons fun and enjoyable, the way driving should be. If I was learning to drive in a car with somebody for at least an hour or so, I would like to feel relaxed and comfortable, and so I always try to make sure people learning with me feel the same way.